Cockfight is a blood sport between two gamecocks in an Arena. Physical trauma that gamecocks inflict on each other with gaffs as weapon, categorize this ancient affair as a blood sport. Gaffs are metal spurs (knifes) fitted to the gamecock's natural spurs. Reliving the past where gladiators fight in Rome arenas, gamecocks induce familiar ancient sport atmosphere packed with high adrenaline and unwavering fighting spirit.

Cockfighting in most part of the world is down right forbidden. In Philippines, cockfight are known as “Sabong” by the locals and it was a popular pastime way before the Spaniards arrived. Cockfighting in Philippines are regulated by law, a decree (no. 449) made by President Ferdinand E. Marcos in 9th may 1974 to recognize and control cockfighting while preserving the popular tradition, customary recreation and entertainment. Another decree(no.1802) follows by creating Philippines Gamefowl commission. this is to deter the illegal activities such as fights in unlicensed Arenas while standardizing the game. However illegal cockfights are still held to this date discreetly to avoid authority raids.

Cockfighting became a unique Filipino heritage, a cultural tradition that epitomizes sportsmanship, the honorable observance of fair play, respect for others and graciousness in losing is the norms of the sport that Filipinos strictly adhere to without exception. In the pursuit of the sport, aficionados are held in high esteem; detractors are ostracized. The sport conforms to the principles of democracy, where the extremes of society, from the barefoot farmers. The high and mighty and all those in-between are treated as equals.

Philippines is also a cockfight hub where international events like World Game fowl expo and World Slasher Cup derbies are held biannually. This is where the world leading gamefowl breeders and enthusiast (Sabongero) gathers to pit against the best, to be crowns as world champion. Philippine has a rich cockfighting history which endured through the test of time. It has attained unrivaled title as Philippines number 1 national sports and treasure.